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Shop "E-light" Kiev

  • Адрес: Kyiv, Peter and Paul Borshchagovka, street Voroshilov, 35 (opposite Ground Zero)
    e-mail: ledsvitlo@gmail.com

"Electronic Light" LED-based lighting

LED luminaries are a revolutionary solution that allows to save, increase energy efficiency and improve the quality of lighting. Our lighting equipment reduces enterprise`s expenses by reducing the fee for the light, even upon the conditions of the tariff increasing.

LED luminaries use 5 times less power than energy-saving lamps and 12 times less comparing to incandescent lamps.

"Electronic Light" E-shop of LED products is presented in the markets of Ukraine, the Baltic States, Russia and Europe. It was possible due to our own factories in Chernihiv, Kyiv regions. Here you can find the LED devices for banks, currency exchange booths, enterprises, housing and utilities sector, shopping centers, large retail chains, streets and highways.

"Electronic Light" E-shop offers LED products, with the following parameters:

  • Durable and reliable. Continues operation time of our LED products reaches 50,000 hours. The light emission of LED chip is resistant to mechanical vibrations and fluctuations in the line voltage.
  • They are resistant to extreme temperature. They easily operate in heat and winter colds. Operative temperature range is from -40 to +50 C.
  • Providing of high-quality lighting. Have a bright uniform illumination with no stains, no stroboscopic effect (flickering or pulsing).
  • They are environmentally friendly. The devices do not use mercury, have no UV and radioactive emissions.
  • - Low heat release. You will have no frowst indoors with them. It is recommended to use them for lighting of products sensitive to heat.

The high-quality LEDs of German company OSRAM are used in LED luminaries production. Elements for the lamps are supplied by foreign manufacturers (which guaranty 5 years of warranty). There are 5 years’ warranty for components.

Increase business profitability due to qualitative lighting

We have been working since 1996 to bring new lighting technologies into the world. We have our own development, design and assembly. We have performed more than 100 major projects, among which: Illumination of the St. Vladimir monument, bars and stages of "Olympic" national sport complex during the final match of Euro 2012 in Kyiv.

Upon costumers’ order, we develop and realize customized design of illumination based on LEDs. Operating mode of equipment stimulates the development of new solutions to interior and exterior designs, to search for new approaches and designs of lamps.

E-shop products are performed by an illustrated catalog with a detailed description of the characteristics at the website. You can evaluate the items be means of realized projects’ photo reviews. Convince yourself in high quality of our products. LED illumination from "Electronic Light" company is used by large retail chains like as "ATB", "Furshet" and other partners.

All products are vetted for compliance with international, Ukrainian, Russian quality standards. We are responsible for the reliability and durability of products. All of our equipment is branded by el.ua icon.