Development of kits for Privatbank terminals

PrivatBankIn 2011, the company “Electronic Light” won the tender announced by PrivatBank in the development and production of 2500 sets of components used in payment terminals “PrivatBank”

The watchdog module, with the following features:приватбанк

  • Tracking the status of the computer and application software, restarting in case of incorrect operation.
  • PC On/off system status according to schedule.
  • Monitoring of the enclosure temperature.
  • Event logging.
  • Management of light indication module.


Multiport module, which provides the following communication possibilities:приватбанк

  • 1 USB 2.0 port
  • 3 port USB-RS232 converter for connection of peripheral equipment with RS-232 interface.




Light display module, which is designed to display the status of the bill acceptor. Managed by the watchdog timer.приватбанк



Terminal optical sensor module for thermal printer (paper availability indicator).приватбанк