Architectural LED Lights


прожектор 3713Universal LED light



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 растровый8Universal LED light, searchlight type



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 растровый8Universal linear LED lighting



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 прожектор-новыйLED Spot lighting




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 светильник магистральныйLinear LED lighting



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светильник магистральныйLinear LED lighting




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    модули33 LED Modules


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Do you like night city lights, architectural building facade lighting?

If you wish your building looked attractive at night time as well, “Electronic Light” will help you with it.

Correct power-efficient LED-based external and architectural illumination is the best decision for building sides decoration.

Why is LED?

LEDs offer the premium light quality. They are affordable and energy-saving. Architectural facade illumination creates positive reputation for your Company, serves as advertisement, improves architectural construction aesthetics, and helps emphasize its particularity. Also please note that LED-lighting is secure element.

“Electronic Light” Company uses components from Germany and other countries for production of lighting goods at its plants. All the items have certificates and Declarations of Conformity from regulatory bodies of Ukraine, Russian Federation, and European Union.

“Electronic Light” devices are reliable and energy-saving, have long life cycle and high luminaire efficiency. They are safe and easy in operation.

“Electronic Light” Company offers the following items for architectural illumination projects:

  • Searchlight LED-lamp, developed for replacing of lamps based on MVL-80 (mercury-vapour lamp), VL-250W (vapor lamp) bulbs. Life cycle: 20 years, warranty: 36 months.
  • Multipurpose lamp of searchlight type, developed for replacing of lamps MVL-80 (mercury-vapour lamp), VL-200W (vapor lamp) bulbs. Life cycle: 20 years, warranty: 36 months.
  • Multipurpose line lamp is applied for both internal lighting and external building illumination. Its life cycle is 100 thousand hours. Warranty: 18 months.
  • Searchlight LED-lamp. Life cycle: 20 years, warranty: 36 months.
  • Trunk LED-lamp is applied for installation of LED-illumination at the places where high humidity and too much dust are observed. Trunk system is developed for each client individually. Life cycle: 100 thousand hours. Warranty: 18 months.
  • 1W LED-modules are an alternative for lamps based on 10-13W incandescent or halogen bulbs. Module life cycle: 100 thousand hours.

Our managers will be happy to help you learn more about external LED-lighting. Call us right now or send your questions to our e-mail.