Linear LED Lighting LED-MODULE-0714

Linear LED Lighting LED-MODULE-0714Linear lighting is used to illuminate both office and retail premises and industrial facilities with high moisture and dust content. It`s mounted on a wire suspension or on the delivery form.
The connection of light in one system is possible in next variations: line, line rotated 90°, closed circuit. The linear system is developed individually for every client, taking into account the lighting characteristics and design features.
The lighting is also used for architectural illumination facades and lighting of billboards.


Product: LED-MODULE-0714
Voltage: 170-250В
Потребляемая мощность: 21 W 45 W 84 W 130 W
Number of LEDs: 18 36 72 108
Light Output: up to 2520 lm up to 5040 lm up to 10080 lm up 13000 lm
Luminous flux of LEDs: up toо 130 lm/W
Color rendering index CRI: 80Ra
Radiation angles: 120°/70°; 170°/150°; 80°
Light color: White warm, cold
LED: OSRAM (Germany)
Degree of protection: IP20, IP65
Lamp`s efficiency: not less than 95%
Degree of protection: IP20
Temperature operating range: from -40°C to +50°C
Dimensions, mm: 780х90х52 1510х90х52 3020х90х52 3020х90х52
Weight, kg: 1.1 2.3 4.0 4.2
Housing: aluminum, powder coating
white / steel
Diffusor: “crushed ice”, white matte, transparent
Life time: 100000 h.
Warranty: 18 month

* - Optional, on request, we mount lens to the LED lighting with an angle of dispersion 50 °.


Certificate УкрСЕПРО №UA 1.066.0180552 (1) -12
Certificate of Conformity ТУ U 31.5-31517453-003 (004): 2009
Certificate of conformity ГОСТ R № РОСС UA.AV41.N00102 (3)
Certificate of Conformity CЄ mark E014 / 01 (02)
Declaration of Conformity CЄ mark № JIC02220

LED lighting is -

  • energy savings in 5-10 times!
  • high light output
  • high color rendering
  • high strength and vibration resistanceь
  • no inrush current and instant ignition
  • no stroboscopic effect
  • long life service
  • low heatе
  • resistance to low temperature
  • resistance to voltage drops
  • safe for environment

Electronic Light makes custom lighting products using LED at the request of the customer. You can also make the LED lighting yourself, applying special LED modules for the lightings!

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