LED lamp housing and communal services


ЖКХ5LED lighting for housing and public utilities



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ЖКХ6LED lighting for housing and public utilities



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ЖКХ7LED lighting for housing and public utilities



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Everybody needs daily light - when we work or rest. The electric light using every day is essential of our daily routine.

The illumination for work or home must be the same:

  • bright;
  • resistant to voltage drop;
  • without pulsation, blinking;
  • with high luminous efficacy;
  • uniform or steady;
  • uniform or steady.

And have such advantages as:

  • money-saving or economic effect;
  • the devices’ durability;
  • the lifetime;
  • the pollution-free .

LED lamps for Housing and Public Utilities are decision for You!

Such LED lamps are used for illumination of the Housing and Public Utilities’ facilities: indoor lighting of industrial and subsidiary premises, public areas (workshops, storehouses, corridors, entrances, trade areas, utility spaces, outdoor lighting.

The low power consumption and durability of this type of LED lamps make their usage profitable especially during its round-the-clock operation.

The LED lamp’s pay-back period, as compared to the same lamp on the bulb base, makes up 8 months. At the same time, the first ones use electric power in ten times less, it results in the real money save.

The lifetime is no less than 100000 hours or about 10 years of continuous work.

The guarantee for all lamps for Housing and Public Utilities from the company Electronic Light is 18 months.

Our LED lamps have conformance certificate of Ukraine (Ukrsepro № UA 1.066.0180552(1)-12 and ТU Ukraine 31.5-31517453-003(004):2009, of Russia (GOST R № ROSS UA.АВ41.Н00102 (3)) and of the European Union (СЕ Е014/01(02)),and also conformance declaration of the European Union CЕ № JIC02220.

The LED lamps using is not news. All modern buildings for commercial purpose, social centers and so on are built with obligatory using of LED lighting devices.

So, the decision is taken! If you want to buy or discuss emerged questions about LED lamps for Housing and Public Utilities, please call us. Professionals of the Electronic Light will give competent and detailed consultations.