LED Lighting advertising structures


Spotlight-newLED Spot lighting




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raster8Universal linear LED lighting



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TrunkingLinear LED lighting



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TrunkingLinear LED lighting


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raster8Universal LED light, searchlight type



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modules33LED modules



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Lighting of shop-windows is a “face” of any store. A client needs to see the goods in the best possible light. To do this, use LED-based lighting of shop-windows.

This will also reduce the cost of electricity consumption, which is important for business operations, and is an affordable option.

Development of «Electronic light» for LED-based lighting of shop-windows includes:

  • Universal linear LED-based lamp. It is used for internal illumination of shops (light from behind a cornice), external lighting of installations and shop-windows. The lifetime is 100 thousand hours. There is 18-month warranty.
  • Universal LED lamp projector type for outdoor and indoor lighting of shops and shop- windows. It is designed to replace luminaries with lamps DRL-80, GL-200. The lifetime is up to 20 years. There is 36-month warranty.
  • LED modules – which are often used during installation of illumination of shop-windows. They emit little heat; do not contain hazardous substances that provide the possibility of using them in grocery stores. An analog of the 1 W module is a lamp on the basis of an 10-13 watts incandescent lamp or a halogen one. Modules lifetime is 100 thousand hours.

Make advertising more noticeable

LED lighting of boards – is an essential attribute of the modern world of advertising. And when you need to draw attention to the advertising hoardings, the company "Electronic light" presents its products for such tasks:

  • LED searchlight lamp used for advertising structures and external lighting of buildings, structures, etc. The life time is 20 years. There is 36-month warranty.
  • Trunk lamp is used to design advertising lighting where there is high level of dust and moisture. The trunk lamp system is developed for each client individually. The life time is 100 thousand hours. There is 18-month warranty.

LEDs require a minimum of care and maintenance. All products are certified.

It's time to give sparkling and shine to your shop-windows and advertising. Order products directly from the manufacturer, referring to the managers of the company «Electronic light». Call without delay.