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Stand-alone LED lighting system - a symbiosis of solar panels, LED and a battery that will give you high-quality lighting even hard to reach areas without electricity supply.

For renewable energy and battery systems power a variety of devices users have resorted more often. Cars powered by batteries and their charging stations from solar energy transformed into the familiar phenomenon.

With the development of solar panel technologies are becoming more efficient, and the LEDs - bright. Mankind has the prospects of new graphene battery. They are charged with 77% faster analogs have high capacity, easier precursors 200 times cheaper to produce. These changes open up new opportunities for development in the field of mobile lighting systems.

Stand-alone lighting system - the benefits

Our emergency rechargeable lamp light is not less than 3 hours without connecting to the electricity supply. equipment operation time increases to infinity by the customer.

Automated lighting control system monitors the flow sakkumulirovannoy energy depending on the operating conditions, coordinates itself through the process of filling the capacity charging on solar batteries.

Autonomous LED system is assembled in a few seconds. The design can be easily attached to the natural and artificial objects.

For whom is a stand-alone complex

Equipment of this type may be helpful:

  • MOE employees of emergency services;
  • police officers, criminologists;
  • builders and installers;
  • relax in nature;
  • participants forwarding intelligence (archeology, geology).
  • outdoor lighting system - the application options

Lighting of this type are used in areas without electricity, in areas difficult for the passage of motor vehicles (construction sites, narrow alleys, vacant lots).

LED-system is operated as a power source for devices with up to 30 watts (GPS-navigators, mobile phone charger, etc.).

What are the LED system

The company "E-Light" produces such lighting devices:

  • Emergency rechargeable lamps. They serve high-quality source of light in the absence of electricity. Light is distributed uniformly or focused on the object. Luminous flux adjusted (up to 3200 lm) provides for the inclusion of emergency flashing lights.
  • LED lamps with solar batteries. Create lighting using solar energy. Luminous flux - lm 1500-4500, and the suspension reaches a height of 9 m.
  • Mobile LED systems