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LED light bulbsсветодиодная лампа

We do not recommend using LED bulbs designed for socket E27 and E14 as main lights. This is due to the fact that under such dimensions of the socket, it`s difficult to make a small lamp with effective heat dissipation and sufficient brightness. If the heat isn`t dissipated, as consequence we get degradation of the LED crystal. This is the most common disease of the Chinese low quality LEDs, which have flooded the market now. These lamps do not last for a long time! You can get a 50% brightness loss already on the 2nd month of use. Often the buyer does not immediately notice that loss of brightness has happened, because it occurs gradually. Our advice is next – Do not buy such goods! They will not run long. Now the LED is dictating a new fashion in the design of lamps. The design will change and, besides aesthetics, heat dissipation will also be taken into account.