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About company

The company "Electronic Light" is engaged LED business for more than 18 years. We started from production of usual monochrome running letters and now mastered production of huge complex full-color TV receivers.

All this time we have observed the rapid development of LED. Brightness of semiconductor grew in proportion to its effectiveness. Finally came the moment when we can seriously talk about the use of LEDs in lighting. Thus, at this point it formed the main direction of our business - LED lighting!

LED technologies exceeded a level of 150-168 lm per one watt consumption. All of this suggests that a new era in lighting is LED! Producers possessing by the highest technologies entered to the market, like the German company OSRAM. Now this manufacturer offers wholesale supply of LEDs with an efficiency of 150 lumens per watt consumption. Nanotechnology is involved in the production of these ultra-efficient and extra-bright semiconductors! Our company has a long history of business relations with OSRAM. We are a leader in Eastern Europe by realized LED projects. The proof of that is the presence of our company on the website of OSRAM is the common project of illumination at the stadium "Olympic" in Kiev, where the final match of Euro 2012 was held.


The lighting equipment of the “Electronic Light” company consumes 5 times less power than energy-saving lamps and 12 times less comparing to incandescent lamps. In addition, the LED lamps do not have stroboscopic effect, no mercury (while energy-saving lamps contain it) and there are 100,000 hours of operation life with loss of brightness on 30% only! With the lighting equipment of the “Electronic Light” company you can simply forget about the phenomenon of a burned out light bulb.