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Object: Supermarket “FURSHET”
Type: Indoor illumination
Manufacturer: Electronic Light
Location: 4, Naberizhno-Khreschatyits’ka Str., Kyiv, UKRAINE
Equipment: Network LED lamps LED-MODUL-0714

Our company illuminated a shopping space of supermarket “Furshet” located at Khreschatyits’ka street, Kyiv, by means of network LED lamps of own design and production.LED illumination of the supermarket has a several advantages such as long lifetime, low power consumption and generates heat in a less degree. For the shopping space we used LED lamps with light similar to the daylight (5700K), as a result it considerably transformed the general view of the supermarket. With the purpose to emphasis the Customers’ attention to the definite product groups we mounted the network LED lamps with color temperature at 4200K. Even initially the customer has no idea to buy something but after seeing such attractable lighted goods he will notice them definitely.

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