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Object: Residential estate “Schaslyvyi”
Type: Outdoor Illumination
Manufacturer: Electronic Light
Location: village Sofiyska Borschagivka, Kiev region, UKRAINE
Equipment: Street console LED lamps LED-STREET-3713K /108 with P: 44W, F: 5040lm, CCT: 5000К

Our company completed a project for street lighting of "Schaslivy" residential neighborhood. For lighting, we used modern energy-saving lamps (LEDSTREET-3713K / 108/1/44 / Y1 - 5000/5040 / D / G / 260mm) on the basis of light-emitting diodes of the German company OSRAM.

It`s doubtless that advantages of LED lighting compared to standard mercury and sodium discharge light sources are obvious. LED lights advantages are longer life without loss of performance of light and color, resistance to mechanical damage, vibration and atmospheric influences (lamps protection class IP 65).

Undoubtedly, the current is to invest in modern energy-saving technologies, allowing you to recoup the investment within 4-5 years (see a detailed analysis of the calculation of the payback period on our website). Furthermore, these lamps are stable to extremes of line voltage and does not require maintenance (e.g., replacement of blown bulbs) throughout life. Stylish contemporary design and aesthetic appearance favorably emphasize (well with the appearance of the building of the residential complex) and the low weight and dimensions of the luminaire facilitates the equipment installation process and reduce wind loads on lighting poles.

During the lighting of a residential complex consisting of five residential buildings, 88 fixtures used, mounted on 53 light poles, which achieves the necessary regulatory illumination levels inside the yard driveways and adjacent territories, as well as the visual and aesthetic comfort. Particular attention is paid to children's playgrounds, which will undoubtedly increase the safety and friendliness of space.