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You get unusual solutions for the illumination based on LEDs:

The company “Electronic Light” successfully operates at the LED market for more than 20 years. Our factories are located in Chernigov and Kiev regions. The production process comprises a full technological process – starting from products’ design, assembling, testing, preparation for sale and/or up to installation at site. Our main customer is corporate sector of business. It perfectly suit to all which related to the illumination of the warehouses, logistics clusters, offices, industrial enterprises, housing and utilities sector’s objects, fuel stations, and etc.

We cooperate with worldwide known brands in electronics. Even our price on products is just above higher than our competitors have, but at that time we ensure the much higher quality. The lifetime of our products is no less than 5 years, proven by the warranty of our company as the producer.

Our products are represented in many cities of Ukraine. Starting from 2012 after passing through EC certification we opened trade of our products at the market of Baltic States. For the moment we are on the process to enter to the markets of all Western Europe.

Why the LED products of “Electronic Light” are so popular?

  • Efficiency. The efficiency of fluorescent lamp is 8 %, ordinary filament lamp– 2% and LED lamp is 25 %.
  • Long term of service life. More than 10 years of continuous functioning along with affordable prices.
  • Environmental Safety. Complete absence of radioactive and ultraviolet radiation, mercury and other hazardous substances.
  • Reliability. LED lighting is highly resistant to physical impact.
  • Low heat release. LED lighting do not heat illuminated objects.
  • Actual color rendering. Our lighting is similar to daylight.
  • Wide temperature range. These devices are able to operate in conditions from -40 till + 50 ° C.
  • High lumen efficiency – about 150 lumens per 1 watt of power consumption.
  • Resistance to numerous switching on/off.
  • Absence of pulsation and blinking.
  • Comfortable luminescence.

Quality of our LED illumination products is good as the European ones, however our prices for them much more available.

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