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Spot LED lamp LED - POINT - 09, built - in type, for general and decorative interior lighting.

Good: LED-POINT-09
Nominal current: permanent, 350мА
Watts-in: 1W / 3W
Amount of light-emitting diodes : 1 / 3
Luminous efficiency: to 150 лм/W
Light stream of light-emitting diodes : to 150лм / to 450лм
Corners of radiation of light-emitting diode : 170°
Curve of candle-power (КСС) : D
Index of colour rendition of CRI : 80Ra
Color of luminescence : white warm, cold
LED: OSRAM (Germany)
Degree of defence : IP20
КПД lamp: no less than 80
Temperature working range: from -40°C to 50°C
Overall sizes: 78х78х19
Corps: metallic, color: chrome, gold
Diffuser: ground white glass
Tenure of employment : 100000 h.
Guarantee: 18 month.
Certificates of conformity::
  • Certificate of accordance of УкрСЕПРО №UA 1.066.0180552 (1) - 12
  • Certificate of accordance THAT At 31.5-31517453-003 (004) : 2009
  • Certificate of accordance ГОСТ Р № РОСС UA.АВ41.Н00102 (3)
  • Certificate of accordance of СЄ Е014/01 (02)
  • Declaration of accordance of СЄ № JIC02220
Light-emitting-diode illumination it -
  • economy of electric power in 5-10раз!
  • high светоотдача
  • high colour rendition
  • high durability and виброустойчивость
  • absence of starting currents and instantaneous lighting
  • absence of stroboscopical effect
  • protracted tenure of employment
  • small тепловыделение
  • stability to the subzero temperatures
  • stability to the overfalls of tension
  • ecological safety

Electronic light, at will of customer, makes non-standard светотехническую products with the use of light-emitting diodes. Or…you will be able to do a light-emitting-diode lamp, applying the special light-emitting-diode modules, for point lamps!

Requirement to setting of light-emitting-diode lamps / of the modules.
Observance of polarity :

At the not observance of connecting polarity death is possible light-emitting diode. On a light-emitting diode from the side of negative conclusion, under a lens, a point is visible. For the correct connecting of light-emitting-diode lamp (module) the special sockets that is set on every lamp (module) and on the source of feed are envisaged.

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An observance of amount of light-emitting diodes is in a garland:

At the not observance of the set amount of light-emitting diodes, on the concrete model of source of feed, there is death source and/or light-emitting diodes. In one lamp (module) it can be set one and more than light-emitting diodes. During connecting of lamps (modules) on a concrete source it is necessary to define the amount of light-emitting diodes in a lamp.

On the source of feed CS 31350 it maybe to set no less than 1 and no more than 9 light-emitting diodes.

On the source of feed of JA - 80350m it maybe to set no less than 10 and no more than 24 light-emitting diodes.

During setting of lamps (modules) with red or yellow light-emitting diodes, the amount of diodes must be increased in one and a half times, for every source of feed.

It is forbidden to plug in a network the 220В source of feed without the lamps (modules) connected to him.

Observance of temperature condition :

At an overheat over a possible norm at light-emitting diodes tenure of employment grows short, and also death is possible.

The light-emitting-diode module must be set by means of термоленты on a surface with a good heatsink.

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