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Built-in type Spot LED lighting LED-POINT-20 is used to be installed in offices and other public places (enterprises, institutions, shopping malls, retail outlets and others.

Product:: LED-POINT-20
Voltage:: 170-250V
Power consumption: 12W
Number of LEDs: 10
Luminous flux of LEDs: up to 130 lm/W
Luminous flux of LEDs: up to 1300 lm
Radiation angles: 170°
Luminous intensity distribution curve: D
Color rendering index CRI: 80Ra
Light color: Warm white, cold white
LED: OSRAM (Germany)
Degree of protection: IP40
Lamp`s efficiency: not less than 80%
Degree of protection: from -40°C to +50°C
Dimensions: D250x70
Housing: White color
Diffuser: transparent - frosted glass
Life time: 100000 h.
Гарантия: 18 month.
Certificates of conformity:
  • Certificate УкрСЕПРО №UA 1.066.0180552 (1) -12
  • Certificate of Conformity ТУ U 31.5-31517453-003 (004): 2009
  • Certificate of conformity ГОСТ R № РОСС UA.AV41.N00102 (3)
  • Certificate of Conformity CЄ mark E014 / 01 (02)
  • Declaration of Conformity CЄ mark № JIC02220
LED lighting is -
  • energy savings in 5-10 times!
  • high light output
  • high color rendering
  • high strength and vibration resistanceь
  • no inrush current and instant ignition
  • no stroboscopic effect
  • long life service
  • low heatе
  • resistance to low temperature
  • resistance to voltage drops
  • safe for environment

Electronic Light makes custom lighting products using LED at the request of the customer.

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