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Earlier it was not possible to talk seriously about suitable LED lighting. Technologies were far from efficient use of LEDs as main lighting, but however, diodes using for illumination or contour's highlight for a long time ago. Now is time, when technologies have grown to diode's efficacy up to 130-150 lumens for one watt of power consumption. For easy understanding, it is in four or six times efficient, than lighting of the most power-saving lamps for today. In such lamps use gas, while LED uses light emission of semiconductor.

Let us count out the advantages of «new lighting»

Efficiency at regularly growing tariffs for electric power, usage of LED lighting can bring quite good return

Durability - unbelievable, but it is 11 years of uninterrupted functioning

Reliability - let's forget about thin tungsten thread! Semiconductor's light emission is in hundred times more reliable, possess high resistance to vibration and mechanical actions

Ecological safety - absence of radioactive and ultraviolet radiation, no contain of mercury and other unhealthy substances - eliminatesthe necessity in special utilization

Low heat release - significantly reduces stuffiness in the premises, thus lowering power consumption by air conditioning. Also, LED fixtures don't heat up illuminated objects, it is important for some food products, medical equipment etc.

Actual color rendering - LED light is quite similar to daylight, with this light we can see the actual colors of things

Wide temperature range - LED light can be used under minus 40º and plus 50º Celcium

High luminous efficiency - up to 150 lumens per one watt of power consumption

Absolute resistance to numerous switching on/off.

Absence of stroboscopic effect.(ripple, flicker)

Uniform lighting - no dark/light spots at horizontal and vertical surfaces (comfortable luminescence).

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