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The quality of lighting is extremely important for a customer or visitor of your store or office. And if you decided to clearly and fully show the city your outdoor advertising, you really want to impress people with unusual solutions in the interior lighting, then you need to use LED modules

СWith their help it is possible to achieve the light output performance of 150 lm / W. And also to create tiny but powerful lighting elements that are cheaper than typical LED-lamps. They are characterized by effective heat dissipation system. The analog of LED module with power of 1 W is a lamp based on incandescent or halogen lamp of 10-13 W.

In addition to the improved energy output and durability, LED modules have a variety of set emission colors: white cold, warm, red, orange, yellow, blue, blue, green, turquoise.

Advantages of LED modules
  • Compactness. Miniature dimensions of modules provide their use in confined spaces.
  • Long-term service of module which consists of 100 thousand hours of continuous operation
  • High performance. LED emitters consume significantly less energy than neon lamps, incandescent lamps and duralight.
  • Excellent work in sub-zero temperatures.
  • High reliability and durability.
  • Easy to manage.

The use of LED modules

It`s used for the manufacturing of electronic scoreboards, traffic control devices, for outdoor advertising. It`s successfully used for architectural, decorative and general lighting of the interior, street lighting, etc.

LED modules are universal. They can be used independently or embedded in the housing and different designs. These devices are offered in several configurations, and can be replaced by a simple operation without additional equipment.

The company «Electronic Light» is one of the largest manufacturers of LED modules in Ukraine. The company`s history began almost 20 years ago. Today the brand has two factories, implements own projects in many cities of Ukraine, Russia, the Baltic States and Western Europe.

All products of the company «Electronic Light»is certified according to Ukrainian standards, and a number of international standards. You can buy LED module by calling the company's managers, or by writing an e-mail. We are always ready to help.

Product: 1LED 30x30 3LED 30x30 5 LED 370x20 5LED 120x30 3LED 252x20 6LED 252x20
Power Source: DC 350мА
Power consumption: 1W  3W  5W 5W 3W 3W
Number of LEDs: 1  3  5 5 3 6
Light Output: up to 150 lm/W up to 82 lm/W
Luminous flux of LEDs: up to 150lm up to 450lm up to 750lm up to 750lm up to 450lm до 240lm
Radiation angles: 80°/170° 170° 80°/170° 170° 135°
Light color: warm white, cool, red, orange, green, turquoise, dark blue, blue
Color rendering index CRI: 80Ra
LED: OSRAM (Germany)
operating range:
from -40°C to +50°C
Dimensions: 30x30 30x30 370x20 120x30 252x20 252x20
Life time: 100000 h.
Performance: thermal tape, can be, attached to any surface with good heat removal

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