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LED screens

LED screen is an electronic device with a large number of complex components that relate directly to the parameters of performance and image quality. Thanks to the latest engineering technologies, the modular design is capable of providing a bright vivid images even in high ambient light and direct sunlight. Our company offers LED screens for outdoor and indoor usage.

Application area of LED screens is not limited, but they are frequently used as an equipment for effective outdoor advertising, or mounted in places with a large audience. If you stroll at the evening in one of the central streets of the city, it will be impossible for you not to draw attention to the huge video screens, which are constantly changing vivid videos.

LED Screen is a long established technology that is becoming more popular. Its main advantages are:

  • reliability;
  • economy;
  • structural strength;
  • durability.

LED screens, due to their design modality, can be assembled in any sizes and configurations. The «Electronic light» specialists successfully perform orders of any technological complexity. The LED modules are assembled in such a way that on the surface of the screen it creates a seamless image.

Additional features of LED screens

In addition to advertising purposes, LED screens, which you can buy online at «Electronic light», is also serve as an information board. Such systems are used at stadiums, where broadcast advertising is not only used sponsors but also it broadcasts the accompanying game information for the jury and fans. LED screens are installed at railway stations, airports, and other places where there was a need to inform people. Another LED screens can be seen at public events. They are able to clearly and vividly transmit everything that happens on stage to embrace the audience in large numbers.

LED screens in Kiev are presented in sufficient quantity. The goal of «Electronic Light» –is the production of high-quality LED equipment, the price of which will be competitive in the market. The optimal ratio of quality and value provides a leading position in Ukraine for us.

For outdoor use the modules are equipped with a special coating that allows you to work in all weather conditions.

Buying LED screens at el.ua website can be possible not only in Ukraine but also abroad. We are a direct supplier of our own production situated in Chernigov.