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A crawl line is an informative compact platform

The main thing in business is a suitable presented advertising, it should be a bright, noticeable, memorable. LED crawl line is an effective marketing ploy because the text that moves attracts the attention of people and makes them involuntarily read the message, and as a consequence to note it.

Advantages of a crawler line:

  • Long service life. LEDs provide up to 10 years of trouble-free operation of the LED device.
  • Reliability. The semiconductor in LED is resistant to vibration, and aluminum profile protects the enclosure.
  • Aesthetics. Choose not only the size, but also coloring. On the choice of crawler lines with LEDs in red, yellow, blue, green images.
  • Amount of information. You can put up to 7000 characters in the line. The look-up angle of LED is 120 degrees.
  • Functionality. You can place the text, images, animations - all available with the LED array.

LED crawler line is suitable for outdoor and interior decoration. It is the best means to bring relevant, important information. Variabilities of lines dimensions are: 10, 20 - pixels in the vertical; horizontal indicator is defined by the customer (a multiple of 16). Standard sizes – 96*10, 128*10 pixels.

Additionally, the device is equipped with automatic brightness control for the most efficient use at the daytime or at night. Line shows the time, day, date, according to the customer installation, a temperature.

To buy LED crawler line is to save money, because it allows you to change the text advertising without additional costs. You need a text in Cyrillic or Latin? The device allows you to display text in Ukrainian, Russian and English languages. Are you afraid of complicated operation? Not worth it! The «Electronic Light» company provides all the software to build rollers and loading them into a string.

If you calling to the company for the services of «Electronic light»", you make a choice in the direction of energy saving, high-quality service, quality assurance and affordable price. All devices and tools are tested according to international quality standards.

Prices for LED crawler lines

1) 96x10 with a step of 14  $700

2) 96x10 with a step of 20  $800

3) 128x10 with a step of 14  $900

4) 128x10 with a step of 20 $1000

5) 96x12 with a step of 24  $1700


  • Vertical pixels quantity – 10, 32
  • The horizontal pixels quantity can be ordered by customer. The standards are 96 and 128 pixels.
  • Case materials – aluminum structure
  • The dimensions and weight are predetermined by case materials
  • Power – 220 V AC
  • Indication color – red, yellow, blue, green
  • LED type – diffusional
  • Look-up Angle – 120
  • Display information – text, images, animation
  • Downloading size – 7000 characters
  • Russian, Ukrainian, English languages
  • Can be downloaded through COM-port
  • The lines are equipped with clocks (data, time, day of week), the customer can also order to install a temperature sensor.
  • Automatic brightness control ( day and night modes)
  • Software for advertising creating and its implementation to the crawler line

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