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The presented products of the «Electronic-Light» – company are a full-sized LED screens in total size of 700*700 mm. You can program any uninterrupted broadcast of a traffic sign on the screen and then include it in the motion control system on the roads.

LED signs are characterized by:

  • Robust design and durability;
  • rapid updating of information;
  • excellent visibility in conditions of dark, mist or direct sunlight.

The advantage of these signs compared to usual signs is that the information displayed on first ones are well perceived by the eye, regardless of day time or weather changing. The image is always contrast clear and bright, even in a sunny day.

LED signs practically do not need regular maintenance. They are characterized by low power consumption and the ability to trouble-free operation for a long time. Such signs are resistant to overloads and vibrations, they are not very susceptible to mechanical damage.

With help of these signs it is possible to manage traffic flow during rush hours, depending on weather conditions to change the speed limit, warn pedestrians or parking control. Dynamic signs even at a great distance can warn the driver of approaching a dangerous section of the road, for example, if it`s scheduled maintenance carried out on the roadway. These assistants provide maximum road safety for all road users, and their efficiency higher than usual ones.

LED traffic signs can work both in a predetermined program in the offline mode, and in a remote control. Depending on the current situation on the road, you can change the data broadcast on the screen: display relevant warning signs or speed limit at the site.

Due to the production and installation of such signs traffic accidents can be largely reduced. This reason is that the signals are clearly visible at different viewing angles for maximum long distance visibility. Thus, the driver can have more time to sort out and to take the right measures for the safe movement.

Our dynamic signs at the Metropolitan Highway:

Depending on the situation, the arrow marks indicate where to move vehicles. From traffic management center when necessary, and there is control information change.

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