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Information board - post information efficiently

To attract the attention of passers-by in a dense flow of information, you need something really bright and memorable. This is especially true during the night time, winter time when any image without illumination becomes unnoticeable.Electronic information boards may help to solve this problem.

«Electronic Light» – it is an experience, and the quality of own development

The company «Electronic-Light» пmanufacturers and delivers LED products since 1996. We have factory in Kiev and Chernigov region, so we are responsible for the quality of products. We provide service and post service maintenance.

Information board is an effective way to display digital symbols, mainly to supply information on the exchange rates. The devices are widely used at bank branches, currency exchange. LEDs are used for the manufacture of indexing elements, such electronic boards can easily attract attention on the street.

Advantages of information boards:

  • Easy to use. Currency Indices can be changed by using a computer, the infrared remote control.
  • Long distance visibility. Bright light device is visible at a distance of 20 meters.
  • The reliability of the design. The body is made of aluminum, it has a dust- and moisture protection.
  • Resistance to temperature changes. A board can handle temperatures from -25 to +55 C.
  • Absence of stroboscopic effect. LEDs ensure that no effect appears of pulsation, blinking or any other factor, which could make the information difficult to read.

We manufacture durable information boards. The design dimensions are 400x400x60 mm. To make use of indexing elements of red LEDs. The number of currencies, which can be placed on the board, is 3. The height of every item is 40 mm.

All products are quality checked by Ukrainian and international quality standards. You can view product catalog, certificates, photo reports on the finished project on the site of the company. To buy an electronic information board, just call the support service managers or fill out the feedback on the website.

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