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LED Watch – is a practical device that shows the time and it can become a great addition to the office or the interior design of the building facade. The LED Watch will look great in large offices as well as public institutions such as railway stations, shopping malls and so on. LED devices of smaller sizes could be the highlight of a small room.

The company «Electronic-light» is engaged in manufacture of LED watches of various size and purpose. Our client is looking for ICE Watches for streets, as well as for indoor use. If it`s desired, the customer can specify additional parameters that must be implemented into a device. The temperature sensor is provided for remote or wired control.

LED watches are able to perform two main functions:

  • The decorative. Bright panel will decorate the interior or exterior wall, and will attract the attention of visitors or potential customers.
  • Information. LED clock displays not only time but also temperature, so you'll always be up to date with changes in temperature on the street or indoors.

The «Electronic Light» presents three lines of LED watch, with shells made of aluminum profile. The information on the watches is constantly changing in model of time-date-temperature. In the event of an accident or as a result of the passage of time the temporary failure of a power the watches time can be saved. The clock on the LED arrays can be controlled by buttons or by remote control. All devices are protected from dust and moisture, can be used in a temperature range of -25 to + 55 ° C.

Lineup of LED watches

LED Watches of « of»" company are represented by three main line, the models differ in size, color display, functional purpose and method of controll.

Clock 347

Clock 347 are designed for indoor and outdoor usege. Half brightness angle in degrees is: 100x50. They are equipped with remote control and made in four display colors: yellow, green, red and blue. The dimensions of the device are 347x138x60 mm, character height is up to 100 mm. Distance visibility is equal to 30 m.

Clock 800


Clock Clock 800 is also designed for the street, and for indoor use. The height of the characters in this device is 300 mm and the range of vision is up to 100 m in size, these watches on the LED matrix bigger than the previous:. 800x320x60 mm and half-brightness angle is the same. The device control is carried out by means of IR remote control. Watches are available in several decisions of the color display: red, green, yellow and blue.

Clock 1000


LED Watch Clock 1500 is intended for outdoor use. The color display is white. Dimensions of the device: 1500x540x120 mm, height of characters are. 540 mm, and the visibility distance is 500 m in the half-brightness angle is 80 degrees.

«Electronic light» is a manufacturer of LED equipment. Our customers can order and buy LED watch not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

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