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LED display. Choose effective and energy-efficient advertising

LED display is an effective marketing tool and a reliable means of presenting information. The image on the LED device will be discernible even at a distance of 20 to 100 meters. Simple controls allow to quickly change the information without additional cost.

The device works with the automatic adjustment of brightness and displays the information in the best way in different lighting conditions (day, night, twilight). Our products allow you to save! LED displays consume 2-4 times less energy than neon signs.

Information is easily seen due to the absence of stroboscopic effect, clear picture, with uniform illumination, there is no ripple and flicker. Therefore, LED display can be found, even along the highways.

Where to use the LED displays?

Companies put them to attract new customers, notification of promotions, pricing changes in exchange rates. The presence of the displays shows the respectability, the success of the enterprise. The most common usage:

  • LED displays for the gas station. The metal frame of the stele is equipped with LED device showing alphanumeric symbols. Additionally, a temperature sensor is installed.
  • Advertising boards. On the front of the unit reproduces the text, images, animations for effective notification of available services, promotions.
  • Devices for stadiums and competition sites. The modular system design allows to assemble any size without loss of image quality.

The products of «Electronic light» can be found all over Ukraine, the Baltic States, in Russia and Europe. LED devices are used by SHELL gas station and other partners, a list of which can be easily found in the description, photos of the project.

Our development, design, assembly. The company «Electronic-Light» – is a manufacturer with 19 years of experience. We use only high-quality LEDs. Call us or e-mail via the feedback form on the site el.ua, to buy a LED display at affordable prices in Kiev for your business.

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